New parts and service on Mainship

A fuel blockage of gunk caused an engine stop and BoatUS tow from offshore. As I was cleaning the fuel tank I decided to check the coolers and seawater flow. I had noticed when flushing the engine that the water flow was low.

Heat Exchanger flues for cooling

The aftercooler was clogged. Zinc was almost gone

Sea water and calcium deposits.

The fuel cooler was stopped up. The impeller was easy to get to from the top after removing this cooler.  

The local Cummin's dealer wanted over $500.for the parts needed to service the seawater system. Seaboard sold me all the parts plus for $200. free shipping, advise and how to videos. 

To help with the fuel problem I installed another 1000 Racor type filter with a switching valve. Cost $200 for all parts. Jon made me a bracket. 

These are Racor knockoffs. I took them apart. They are identical in my opinion. The other parts were from West Marine and Amazon.  WM now has price match!

The system will allow a fast swap to avoid another breakdown. A-1 fuel service delivered diesel to fill the tank for $2.89 plus tax and tip for the driver.   

God paints a beautiful sunset off the back deck at the dock


  1. Good work. Have had very few problems with our boat so far. How is your hand? Dan


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