Needed a few parts for the Cummins Engine in the Mainship

Needed a few parts for my 30 Mainship. The engine is a 4TBA3.9M Cummins.
I had worked on Yanmars and even taught Yanmars as an instructor.
I started Diesel service in the Marines on Hercules Diesels.
 I was buying parts online and saw that Cummins had a dealer Network so
I located the local Cummins parts dealer (I always try to develop a sustainable local resource
for my parts) and looked at the website and couldn't find any way to get a parts price other
than phoning so assuming and that's my mistake for trusting and assuming the parts prices
would be the same across the board if they were anything like  Yanmar or Yamaha,
their dealer Network that I had accounts with before when I was an active technician.
Cummins dealers online kept coming up with
a Seaboard dealer
 in California and they had some interesting videos and a lot of information.
I asked them a few questions online …

June is here and Hot!

We sold the trawler at a loss because the engine failed on a sea trial. We had placed an ad on Boat Trader and had buyers ready until one of the 250 hp Volvos dropped a valve.
Life must move on. We wanted a single level single engine boat for cruising and overnight use.  Here are many pictures from our purchase of the 2001 Mainship Pilot.

Google Pictures of Mainship 30

We are fishing in the sound, some days are good, we have a lot to learn.

Fishing the mangroves today